• Natasha Gayle

How I Gained Customers

I know its hard when you've been doing everything but still no ones ordering from you, So below is a few tips that has helped me gain paying customers

1. Posting Quality Photos. Make sure the lighting is good, either invest in a ring light or use natural light. And make sure your background of your photos is clean. You can't expect people to give you their hard earned money for a product when they can see clothes on the floor in the background.

2. Promote! I know for a new business owner your nervous to promote your business, especially to people you know. Nobody is going to go hard for your business more than you, so promote! Invest in instagram ads & Facebook (Don't sleep on facebook groups)

3.Using Hashtags. Using hashtags is great way to get people to your page. Try using hashtags that your customers would search, and local related hastags. Examples: #CustomWigs #TorontoWigs #TorontoHair

4.Remain Consistent. Building a successful business isn't going to be an overnight process.

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